Why Foster?

A career in Foster Care can be very satisfying. To watch a child or young person grow and develop in your care allows you to see first hand the difference your skills and qualities are making to a vulnerable young persons life when they need support the most.


Our clients understand how important a Foster Carer’s role is in helping and supporting a child or young person. They also recognise that you will need support to enable you to excel in your career as a Foster Carer.

There are a number of financial allowances as well as support and training packages available to ensure that you can concentrate on and are equipped to support and care for the child or young person in your care.

The details of the specific packages and benefits will vary from Borough to Borough and will also be dependent on the type of Foster Caring you elect to undertake but below are some key benefits:

  • A generous financial allowance package of up to £50,000 pa.
  • Core training for all Foster Carers delivered by the Local Authority’s Foster Carer Service.
  • Training in Behaviour Management.
  • Weekly Foster Carer Meetings.
  • Your own "Foster Carer Supporter".
  • Membership to the Fostering Network.

Each Local Authority will offer different training, support and financial allowances depending on the type and length of the foster placement.