Foster For Us

We are looking for foster carers for children and young people from birth to 18 years. We need foster carers from every community and every type of background.

What is important is that you have the time and space in your life for a child who may be challenging to parent. You will need to show that you have the skills to care for children and the understanding to meet their needs.

Carers must be willing to undergo a period of intensive assessment and be committed to on-going training.

It is unlikely that you will be considered as a foster carer at the present time if:

  • You do not have a space in your home ie: a separate bedroom for the young person
  • You are pregnant, have a child under one year old or are undergoing fertility treatment
  • You are experiencing serious financial problems
  • You are planning to move house within the next six months
  • Your working hours are not flexible enough to meet the demands of fostering e.g. attending meetings at short notice
  • You have a child of your own being looked after by a local authority
  • You have experienced a significant life event within the last 12 months such as a separation or bereavement
  • As a couple you have been in your present relationship for less than one year
  • You or any member of your household has a serious criminal conviction.